Bridgeforth Photographics, located in Downtown Winchester, Va offers a wide variety of photography services.

  •  Commercial Photography – Commercial photography is the art of taking pictures for commercial use; for example, in advertisements, merchandising and product placement.
  • Manufacturing Photography – Using innovative and dramatic photographic lighting techniques and shooting from unusual angles, Lauri is able to show the range of manufacturing and industrial processes, including heavy manufacturing and industry, clean-room manufacturing, high-tech manufacturing, and more.
  • Corporate Headshots – It is important to update your headshot, when your look has changed, or your career progresses.  Outdated pictures on your profile don’t help you with a favorable impression when meeting people.
  • Photo Restoration – Antique photographs link us to our families in ways that nothing else can. In every family, there are old, damaged photos that can be digitally repaired, often with breathtaking results.
  • Drone Shots – Drone based technology is capable of achieving altitudes and camera angles never doable before.If there is an angle from the air that needs to be filmed, we are there to capture it. 
  • Senior Portraits – Your senior portraits might just be the one of the most important photos you’ll ever take. That’s why you need someone behind the camera who knows how to tap into what makes you unique and capture that spark in every image.
  •  Newborn Photos – A precious tiny hand in yours can be a long-lasting memory.  It is important to capture this very brief but heartwarming moment in your baby’s life. Hiring an experienced photographer makes this process easier as they know what to expect and how to handle any situation, or substance, your newborn can throw at them.
  • Family Reunion Portraits – With a large group of people, taking a photo is never easy. A professional photographer has experience in getting everyone to look in one place and ensuring the lighting is just right.  I can also use Photoshop to replace any unflattering expressions, so you’re always guaranteed the perfect portrait.
  • Maternity Portraits – Maternity sessions are very memorable and special, we take our time and ensure that you are in a relaxed and non-rushed environment.
  • Children’s Portraits – Kids grow up too fast, in the blink of an eye they go from your precious newborn to a blossoming high school senior. It feels like all this happens in about 20 minutes too… Capture those special years and see how they grow and change, we offer on-site location and studio shoots to capture your child’s unique personality.
  • Couples and Engagement Portraits – Avoid cheesy, awkward and generic couples’ portraits. I know how to how to think outside the box when approaching couples’ portraiture to ensure I capture the essence of your life together.
  • Headshots – professionals from star athletes to business owners sometimes need a photograph designed to market their personality. Sometimes headshots appear on business cards or are included with a professional resume.
  • Wedding Photography – These are moments never to be repeated: the petals tossed by a flower girl, the ring bearer in his miniature tuxedo, the faces of friends and family, the instant the tiered wedding cake is cut. Framing the details takes the eye of a professional, to create photographs you’ll share and enjoy now, and pass through generations…and much more.

Lauri has over 30 years’ experience in the industry and her expertise is taking an ordinary situation and making it extraordinary.  Lauri of Full Frame Photography, located in Winchester, VA offers her clients a full-service studio and full service on-site location shoots.

Call Lauri of Bridgeforth Photographics today to schedule your session and review what you would like to accomplish with your photos.  Knowing your end goal ensures that Lauri captures exactly what you are looking for, you’re going to love the results!