Should I make Faces at my Child During their Photo Session?

Photography Session and Making Faces at your Child

Making faces behind my back to your child or speaking to your children takes their attention off me and onto you.  As a photographer, this can hinder the process of getting the best shot of your child.  You have done your homework and know that I am an expert at capturing your child’s essence, to do this takes a little bit of magic and all my experience.  If you are constantly telling your child to behave or smile, you are taking away my authority.  Let me handle them, remember, that is what you are paying me for!

I have handled more situations that would make you cringe, but I do this all the time so they don’t phase me.  If your child is making a silly face and not smiling, it’s ok.  You know what happens when they make those faces?  We capture the essence of their personality and those photos are great little keepsakes.  Once I let them get that out, I am then able to reign them in and take the sweet smiling posed shots.  There is a process to capturing the perfect shot and trust me I will get it.

I am a professional and this is what I do every day.  I have found that each child is different and how to capture them is different, it takes us a few minutes to get to know each other, then we are off and running.  Some kids are more well behaved when they cannot see their parents, if you child is this way, I don’t take offence if you leave the room or walk out of sight.  We will work together to get the best photos of your little one.

As a mother, I have learned there is one thing you can always depend on when you give your little one a direct order, they won’t listen or they will do the opposite.  I have learned that giving children space and letting them explore helps us get amazing photos and lets your child feel at ease.  This helps them to get comfortable.  Don’t forget, that sometimes the pouty face looks just as adorable as a cute smile does.


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