Differences Between On-Location/Custom Photographers and Mall Photographers

Differences Between On-Location/Custom Photographers and Mall Photographers

I create a 1-of-a-kind piece of art that you will treasure for decades.  Photography is my passion and I have been fortunate enough to make it my profession.  There are two types of photographers out there, on-location/custom photographers and mall photographers.

There are several factors you want to keep in mind when you are choosing the person that will photograph you and your family and help capture your memories and keepsakes.

Mall photographers are limited with what they can do.  They offer studio times limited to 15-20 minutes.  They have a set number of photos they are allowed to take.  Most of the time mall photographers are high school or college students making minimum wage, without benefits.  The photographers often begin working without even the most basic training required to operate the camera. Mall photographers are also limited to a corporate “look”, which doesn’t allow for much creativity with your portraits.  Also, they are studio photos, there is no flexibily to offer on-location photo shoots.

Mall Photographers (and department store photographers) have a low-cost business model focused on paying their workers the least amount possible and relying heavily on up-selling products to the customer.  The super low sitting fee is intended to get you in the door.  Department store portrait studios often operate at a loss, or just barely break even.  Their whole reason for existing is to draw clients into the store where hopefully they’ll make other purchases at the same time.  So thinking the cost is going to be a lot less isn’t normally the case once you area all said and done.

Custom/On-Location photographers have a lot more flexibility to offer their clients. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography, as well as 30 years of professional shooting experience both in studio and on-location. As a custom photographer, I have longer session times, I spend 60-90 minutes with my clients or longer when needed to ensure we get just the right shot.  Do you want a shot of just the kids or grandkids as well as your huge family group? No problem, and no extra charge either.  If there is something that needs a little touch up, I am an expert with Photoshop and can touch up little things, or add fun things to the photo.  My expertise is your limit.  I have an eye to ensure that I am capturing you at your best, I know just what to focus on and make your photographs extraordinary.

On-location photography also requires planning on my end. I always make myself familiar with the location and the subject matter that it has the potential to provide; also, the potential sources of light, both natural and artificial, and the angles that it would provide.  On-site locations give us the opportunity to have many shots to choose from and capture the essence that is you and your family.

When making your decision, truly decide what is important to you.  I offer high-quality photos that bring out the best in everyone that I am photographing.  I may charge more than the mall, but I guarantee my work. I take my time to ensure that you are happy with your one-of-a-kind piece of art when we are done.

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