commercial photography

   Emerging into the foreground from a field of cobalt blue is a sweep of what seems to be serrated metal. Appearing as sinuous as a bolt of silk, it draws the viewer to see something mundane become something beautiful. The subject is actually an industrial conveyor belt, seen through the lens of Full Frame Photography, because Lauri Bridgeforth makes the ordinary appear extraordinary. It is an example of commercial photography, created with an artist’s eye. Coming Soon:  A whole new direction in my work:  Low-Level Aerial Photography via my drone! 

   Commercial photography is at the foundation of Lauri Bridgeforth’s work. With the experience of a portraitist, she finds elegance in the elemental: mystery in a coil of wire, drama in the mesh of gears and the movement of parts. The signature of Lauri Bridgeforth’s work is interpreting the authenticity of a product through the imagination of art. As a commercial photography client of Full Frame Photography, you will be impressed at the impact a photograph can deliver for your marketing and corporate communications.

   Lauri Bridgeforth’s product shots elevate your subject: a handful of locally produced tortilla chips becomes a study in quiet composition; another image is centered on the power of an industrial water­-jet. She learns how your manufacturing processes work, before deciding how to best illustrate them. Her architectural pieces show the power of physical design. Interiors interplay light with space, for maximum effect.