Lauri Bridgeforth

Handley Pano_Low res copyright layers

Click on the image above for a very unique opportunity to own a small piece of amazing history that is John Handley High School!. All prints signed by the artist. Makes a great gift for any recent graduate or alumni! Large, Medium and Small versions available

    It takes an artist’s eye to see beauty in the everyday, uniqueness in the smallest detail, individuality in every portrait and grace in commercial terms. For more than two decades, Lauri Bridgeforth has practiced the art of photography, making the ordinary appear extraordinary.  She’s worked in settings ranging from the studio to outdoor parks, your front steps or even your backyard hammock.  From the comforts of your home to the exactitude of your company’s manufacturing floor, Lauri Bridgeforth can create imagery wherever you need her to create it. Her portfolio demonstrates control of your assignment, whether it be the sweep of architectural and landscape photography, the minimalism of product illustration, or the heart of your family portrait.

   Corporate clients depend on Lauri Bridgeforth’s work to illustrate website pages, brochures and annual professional and investor reports.  Individual subjects demonstrate her eye for your story in an image. Her mastery of current and upcoming photographic techniques allows Lauri Bridgeforth to deliver a new and unique vision of your moments that will be forever preserved.  You always look your best in personal portraits and commercial presentations.  Her mastery of photo restoration creates treasured heirlooms from neglected attic items, allowing future generations to appreciate antique images thought to be lost.  While Lauri Bridgeforth is comfortable in any setting you prefer, her studio, Full Frame Photography, provides a comfortable, controlled environment for studio photography.

Lauri M. Bridgeforth/Full Frame Photography

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